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TechnicalMay 06,20226 mins read

What does ADA/WCAG compliance imply for your business?

ADA/WCAG are the guidelines set by the US government with which you can make your website more accessible to people with disabilities. Let’s read more to find out about the guidelines.

TechnicalApr 22,20223 mins read

Facts and Myths on Open-Source Software

Open-source software defines a source code that anyone can investigate, modify, and upgrade. The copyright holder grants the users open rights to change the source code as required.

TechnicalDec 20,20214 mins read

Is the Waterfall model still applicable today?

In this fast-paced digital era, there might be no space for the waterfall model as it is rigid and not so good for large projects, but the agile methodology is all about adapting changes and strategies as required. We feel, without being stuck to one development model, going hybrid is the most relevant strategy in today’s time.


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