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TechnicalApr 22,202413 mins read

30 Agile Project management Tools For Project Managers in 2024

Discover the ultimate guide to Agile project management tools, from industry staples like JIRA to newcomers like MeisterTask. Whether you’re a seasoned project manager or just diving into Agile methodologies, this comprehensive list offers insights into each tool.

Agile vs Waterfall
TechnicalApr 22,20249 mins read

Agile vs Waterfall: Which Approach Leads Your Projects to Success?

Let’s get into the Agile vs Waterfall debate, and explore their distinct approaches to project management, especially in software development. Let us help you make informed choices.

Scrum vs Kanban
TechnicalApr 17,20249 mins read

Scrum vs Kanban Agile methodology: Choosing the Right Approach For Your Project

Let’s take a deep dive into Agile Project Management, comparing Scrum vs Kanban approaches, methods, advantages, and ideal applications for effective project execution.

Team Augmentation
TechnicalApr 15,20248 mins read

Key Considerations When Choosing IT Team Augmentation

Navigating big projects with limited resources? Learn about key considerations when choosing IT team augmentation so that you can boost your project’s efficiency without overspending.

TechnicalFeb 15,202410 mins read

16 Best Countries To Outsource Software Development in 2024

Here’s an article that can help you outsource software development in 2024. We’ve listed the top 16 countries to outsource software development worldwide, and we’ve also included the best company to outsource software development in India.

TechnicalFeb 01,202410 mins read

Why do Canadian Companies Trust Indian IT Outsourcing Services?

This blog explores the benefits of outsourcing IT tasks and operations to external partners, and why Canadian companies should trust Indian IT outsourcing services.

TechnicalNov 29,20235 mins read

How to build a secure e-commerce shopping experience?

Build a secure, responsive, SEO-friendly e-commerce haven. In this blog, we show you how to fortify your digital storefront, showcase products, and ensure a delightful shopping experience.

TechnicalNov 24,20234 mins read

Empowering WAI with Image Processing and Analytics

WAI’s transformation with Ajackus in overcoming fingerprint analysis challenges is a must read. We introduced user-centric processes and robust data security, delivering results in 24 hours for enhanced efficiency.

TechnicalMay 06,202210 mins read

What is ADA Compliance and WCAG Compliance? Why do they matter?

ADA/WCAG are the guidelines set by the US government with which you can make your website more accessible to people with disabilities. Let’s read more to find out about the guidelines.

TechnicalApr 22,20227 mins read

Debunking 11 Most Common Open Source Software Myths

Open-source software allows anyone to view, modify, and improve its source code, granting users the right to make changes.

TechnicalApr 05,20222 mins read

What Is the Purpose of the Product Requirement Document (PRD)?

The PRD is a detailed blueprint guiding product development by outlining every necessary feature, pivotal for successful creation.

TechnicalFeb 08,202210 mins read

Why should Singapore Outsource IT Services to India?

Outsourcing to India offers diverse benefits for businesses aiming to innovate and enhance profitability, regardless of their size or objectives.

TechnicalJan 25,202210 mins read

How Strategic Outsourcing IT Services to India Helping the US?

Outsourcing to India offers diverse opportunities for businesses, aiding innovation, profitability, and operational optimization regardless of size or growth goals.

TechnicalDec 20,20215 mins read

Is the Waterfall model still applicable today?

The waterfall model’s rigidity doesn’t suit large projects in today’s fast-paced digital landscape; a hybrid approach blending agile methodologies is more adaptable.

TechnicalDec 06,20218 mins read

Agile Project Management | Methodology, Manifesto & Benefits

Agile isn’t a corporate buzzword; it’s a methodology prioritizing continuous improvement, flexibility, team collaboration, and delivering high-quality results.

TechnicalAug 05,202110 mins read

AI Business Solutions and Use Cases Across Industries

This blog highlights current and future use cases of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in 10 major industries. Check out how it can help your business.

TechnicalJul 22,20214 mins read

No-Code/Low-Code Revolution – 5 Reasons To Embrace

Transition to no-code/low-code development for business success, meeting future demands efficiently and witnessing immediate impactful outcomes.

TechnicalJan 28,20213 mins read

How Outsourcing Helps Your Business Grow Tremendously

Mastering various fields is vital for market success. Outsourcing can bolster your brand’s versatility and strength, offering a multidimensional edge.

TechnicalDec 30,20202 mins read

Why Do Fixed-Price Projects Fail in the Technology Industry?

Large projects find fixed pricing models too rigid, demanding alternative models for improved service adaptability and client experience.

TechnicalOct 28,20202 mins read

What Should You Consider When Choosing an Outsourcing Partner?

Prior to selecting an outsourcing partner, weigh aspects like safety and flexibility alongside other crucial considerations for your business’s success.


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