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Ways to manage HR in remote working
ProductivityMay 20,20222 mins read

7 ways to manage HR in remote working culture

The remote working culture is still making headlines, but with a good reason. With such huge development, Human Resource Departments are constantly tested to deal with a spread-out workforce of distant workers, some of whom might be across the country.

Tips to protect your eyes
ProductivityApr 14,20222 mins read

Remote Work : 8 Key tips that will help you to protect your eyes

Remote work has a significant impact on the way we used to work, right from our communication to working habits. Similarly, irregularly extended working periods in front of screens could harm your eyes. Let’s explore some of the tips to protect your eyes.

AI transformation in 2022
ProductivityJan 03,20223 mins read

AI transformation 2022

In the near future, AI will be extremely important in accelerating the growth of businesses and industries. Businesses that use AI to improve business functions such as marketing, human resources, sales, IT operations, accounting, administration, and so on can command the top spot in their respective industries.

ProductivityOct 14,20211 min read

Remote Working: 5 Steps To Connect Async Better

Communication plays a vital role in any business process. Good communication is the key to growth while the lack of communication might hold your growth back. In a remote work environment, it is quite difficult to connect with your coworkers in a synchronized manner. These five ways will help you to connect better async.

Mental Health: 5 Ways To Help Cope Remote Work Issues
ProductivityOct 08,20212 mins read

Mental Health: 5 Ways To Help Cope Remote Work Issues

Sometimes the working capacity of the brain gets badly affected and people have to face some kind of mental illness. These 5 ways will help you cope better with mental health issues and boost productivity while working remotely.

Communication: 5 Ways To Improve During Remote Work
ProductivityAug 19,20212 mins read

Communication: 5 Ways To Improve During Remote Work

Teams that communicate effectively are more productive and efficient, making them a valuable asset for any organization. Here are 5 ways to improve your communication in remote teams.

Ajackus software development with clutch fivestar reviews
ProductivityMay 18,20211 min read

Ajackus – Best Choice for Your Development Needs

It is crucial in today’s age of technology to stay two steps ahead without compromising the present. Ajackus helps you attain that with a deep understanding of your goals and accordingly customized technology teams.

How outsourcing helps your business grow
ProductivityJan 28,20213 mins read

How Outsourcing Helps Your Business Grow Tremendously

Demonstrating dexterity in every department is crucial to stand out in the market today. Outsourcing can be the solution you’re seeking while trying to establish your brand’s prowess multidimensionally.

Be Productive
ProductivityOct 08,20201 min read

How Productive Were You Today?

Productivity becomes much easier to achieve when the right tools are at your disposal. Here are the online tools we use at Ajackus to refine and boost our work lives.


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