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Buildly - Transparent Path

Logistical and real-time tracking platform for Transparent Path

Transparent Path

A partnership with the same passion to create something unique leads to success. Buildly with Ajackus is the best example of such a partnership. Among many projects we did together, Transparent Path is one such purpose-driven project that opened new opportunities and empowered the logistics industry.

Transparent Path is the most innovative and advanced logistical and real-time tracking platform. It is a digital infrastructure that makes businesses more dynamic, efficient, and secure, no matter what position they play in the supply chain.

With features like increased visibility, ability to trace back within seconds, increased operational efficiencies, reduced paperwork, phone calls, manual efforts, etc., Transparent Path is empowering producers, processors, logistic companies, distributors, retailers, and consumers in various industries.

Transparent Path allows partners to collaborate to reduce risk by sharing a common origin, provenance, and environmental data. When minor risks arise, the current custodian is notified and can make adjustments to preserve the goods. When serious problems arise that jeopardize product safety, the entire consortium is notified. which helps businesses avoid bringing bad products to the market.

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Buildly - Transparent Path

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Team Augmentation


Open Source


The nation is moved by wheels, and when it comes to perishables such as food, drugs, and so on, the logistics or supply chain plays a critical role. The perishables supply chain is a complicated network of producers, processors, logistics companies, wholesalers, distribution hubs, and retailers, and it is under tremendous stress. The industry faces increasing complexity, regulation, data gaps, ecosystem stress, and fraud as the world’s population and demand for goods increase.

In this industry, it is critical to find gaps and solve problems manually with paper-based data and stressful phone calls. All this manual process takes a lot of time which reflects in a large wastage of goods.

Well-managed and easily shareable data adds strength to the industry, and so it was needed to create an advanced logistics and real-time tracking platform along with the report generation.


IoT isn’t the future anymore, it’s the present! And so, utilizing the fullest of IoT, our team of engineers created a niche and problem-solving solution for Buildly—Transparent Path. The combined use of hardware and software technologies made the solution one of its kind and highly reliable in all terms.

Within a short period, we built a solution that can manage and track shipments, generate real-time reports, and can also manage consortiums and organizations.

Real-time tracking can improve perishables’ supply chains, so we developed a sensor-based solution by integrating sensor platforms such as ICLP and Tive, which measure the humidity and temperature of the shipment. With the generated insights, the current custodian of the shipment can take the necessary actions and prevent the goods from getting wasted.

With this solution, a user can set the ideal level of humidity and temperature for a shipment, and if the level changes, associated people get an alert. Thus, the logistics process is simplified.

A solution based on IoT requires a huge amount of data space, and so it is made cloud-ready using Microservices and Kubernetes. To allow easy duplication of environments, our team added infrastructure as code using Terraform and Helm. 

Technically generated data cannot be presented as it is to a user, so we pipelined it using Apache Kafka. With the use of Prometheus, a solution can be monitored in real-time so the user can get the utmost support whenever required.

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