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Buildly - MediaMash

A conferencing platform with live streaming support for Buildly - MediaMash

Buildly Mediamash


Buildly stands for “Build Quickly!” It is a platform that takes the configuration and development of applications from weeks to days and ensures the platform fits best for present and future requirements. Buildly focuses on providing containerized solutions in the open-source market. So far, Buildly has collaborated with many organizations in various verticals, delivering high-quality open source products that give an edge to the proprietary systems. With the Buildly Foundry, which is a collection of open-source tools, marketplace services, and process frameworks, Buildly assists startups and enterprise teams in the launch, development, and migration of applications to cloud-native architectures, as well as their long-term maintenance.

Buildly initially collaborated with Ajackus on their MediaMash project.  MediaMash is a conferencing and live streaming platform that allows users to host conferences, manage rooms, display advertisements from sponsors as well as live stream the event. Ajackus built a fully operational MediaMash platform in just 5.5 months. The platform can host 100 guests per event and supports all operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux. It can also be used on Chrome and Firefox browsers. Ajackus’ team of dedicated engineers provided Buildly with such a reliable and smooth system for MediaMash that resulted in a new collaboration with VinoShares

Project Name

Buildly - MediaMash

Engagement Model

Team Augmentation


The world came to a halt after a COVID-19 outbreak. To beat those crucial times, 34% of businesses boosted their usage of the internet and social media to conduct their operations remotely. Increasing use of these things wasn’t enough as they didn’t have a best-suitable platform where people could virtually gather, and host conferences and events. To create such a problem-solving system, Buildly partnered with MediaMash and wanted a digital replica of an auditorium or conference room where people could gather online, meet, and where the host had complete control over the environment.

  1. As Buildly focuses on creating containerized solutions, they needed the same for MediaMash. 
  2. It was difficult to create a web conferencing and live streaming platform in the form of a containerized cloud app that runs on the open-source WebRTC server.
  3. It was needed to build a system within a short span of time to accelerate business processes around the globe.

Around 78% of corporate companies use video calling software, but they are unable to host and control major conferences in rooms and stream them live.


To create a containerized app for web conferencing with live streaming support, Ajackus integrated Janus (An open-source WebRTC server) with the Kubernetes. Our team used microservices and Kubernetes to provide cloud-ready and containerized solutions for MediaMash.  We added infrastructure as code using Terraform and Helm to allow easy duplication of the different environments.  We developed a niche digital conferencing platform on which the online conference halls/rooms can be managed, the meeting environment can be controlled by the host, and advertisements can be displayed. Adding to the online conference halls/rooms, these events could be live-streamed and viewed across the globe. MediaMash can run events and conferences for 1 hour, wherein the events can be recorded to share with people later. The platform supports edge devices, smartphones, security cameras, and other data sources such as RADARs, LIDARs, drones, satellites, dash cams, and depth sensors. With the smoothest and fastest live streaming facility, it supports 125 concurrent playback sessions.

MediaMash Cloud Platform
Room Management

Room Management: This allows an organization to have rooms managed and schedule events accordingly.


Advertisement – Allows sponsors to promote their businesses in events.

Chat and Screen Sharing

Chat and Screen Sharing

Control Panel

Control Panel: Allows admins or hosts to manage event attendees.

Key Functionalities

Ajackus created containerized solutions with a scalable architecture for Buildly.  We created a solution that is ready and can be easily deployed on multiple cloud platforms such as AWS and GCP.

Integration of an open web server with the containerized app?

Yes, we did it first!

Our superbly talented team connected Janus with the Kubernetes cluster and created the best web conferencing solution supported with a live streaming facility.

Tools and Technologies



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VS Code

VS Code




In a short period of time, we successfully provided a best-in-class containerized solution for virtual conferencing powered by live streaming. The delivery was critically acclaimed, well received by the market, and resulted in a new collaboration with VinoShares, one more client of Buildly.


  • Remote meetings – Remote workers or offices are a reality for many organizations. Web conferencing allows for face-to-face meetings with team members or clients from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Balancing busy schedules – Even when teams are in the same location, a video conferencing system makes it easier to get together on the fly.
  • Virtual conference room – Robust web conference platforms allow for collaborative meetings online with screen sharing, built-in whiteboards, and the ability to share files.
  • Easy mobile access – Since web conferences are over the internet, mobile apps allow users to connect while on the road.
  • Save on travel costs – Not only can businesses save on commuting costs, but they can also avoid costly boardroom rentals.
  • Cloud-based web conferencing app can be a growth factor for startups and small businesses that cannot invest much in hosting offline conferences.
  • The system is beneficial for industries like healthcare, education, real estate, technology, manufacturing, etc.

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