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Ajackus – Best Remote development technology you need

It is crucial in today’s age of technology to stay two steps ahead without compromising the present. Ajackus helps you attain that with a deep understanding of your goals and accordingly customized technology teams.

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by Team Ajackus

May 18, 2021·1 min read

Applications on the cloud improve business opportunities while ensuring security, availability, and accessibility. So, when you start the development of your web applications, you need to have a team that could provide suitable cloud computing technology for your business. Our teams at Ajackus understand the importance of technology in businesses, especially in today’s online era. 

Being innovative to be valuable is the need of an hour. Nowadays, being outdated is equal to being ineffective. However, your choice of technology should always be based on the requirements and the future roadmap.

How Ajackus meet your development goals?

Our company prioritizes our clients. We believe that making them successful makes us one too. We empower them to build and develop solutions that make an impact in the world. Our promise to all of our clients is to provide solutions that suit best for their needs, making us the best choice as your strategic technology partner. 

Not long ago, we received another five-star review on Clutch from our ongoing project with a healthcare provider based in Singapore. Our team developed an iOS and Android mobile application that is integrated with Plato. Here, they can access their electronic medical records efficiently and conveniently. Currently, we are working on the feature enhancements for the app.  

Ajackus Clutch five star reviews
Reviews from Clutch.co

Results of the collaboration of Ajackus with Healthcare Provider

So far, the app has received positive feedback from the end-users. They say that the app is particularly convenient for accessing COVID-19 test records for travel purposes. As a result, the number of sign-ups continue to increase. The app’s scalability has enabled our client to start another center in Singapore.

“They’re very clear with their timelines and expectations. They communicate clearly and in a non-technical manner so that we can understand, which is very helpful. They always make sure we are all aligned in the right time zone since they’re in India, and we’re in Singapore, which is very considerate of them.” – Chief Medical Officer, Healthcare Provider

Moreover, The Manifest, a company listing platform that provides the best-performing services providers globally, included us in their top 9 Google App Engine (GAE) developers in Hyderabad, India. We’re very fortunate to have them recognize our company!

Our team understands and delivers not just what the client wants but also what their business needs. Because of that, our collaboration with our partners has always been an easy process.

If you want to know more about us, feel free to contact us anytime! Get in touch, and let us know what your business goals are. Ajackus will work with you to take your company to the next level.



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